Vedic research and cultural heritages conducts vedic lectures. At VRCH we provide daily practice session on vedic both theoratical & practical to understand the origin of four vedas i.e. the Rig Veda, the Yajur Veda, the Sama Veda and the Atharva Veda. Vedas in other words sound vibration of energy. It is spread in 10 directions. Whenever you chant vedic mantra it will give you growth oriented positive energy.
Vedic Prayers & Yagna
Vedic mantra’s are chanted while all types of spiritual prayers, yagna’s, meditation, yoga etc… Whenever you use vedic mantra while performing above mentioned activities your memory power & your concentration level will increase and you will be blessed with divine spiritual energy.
Sanskrit and ancient scriptures values
VRCH organises seminars on Sanskrit and ancient scriptures values. e.g. Importance of Sanskrit language, why all slokas, vedas are recited in ancient Sanskrit language etc.. We also help in learning Sanskrit language, slokas, Vedas, epics, puranas, Nithi slokas etc (highlighting its meaning and significance).
Temple Architecture
VRCH works as a consultant wherein we provide advice and guidance in terms of directions, architecture-starting from Vaidhika/Aagama shastras, vaastus, statues, financial consultancy, rules and regulations to run a temple for the positive energy and growth. VRCH has also conducted some Mega events like Mahakumbhabhishekam.
Vedic Remedies through Astrology
According to astrology, we need nine different types of powerful energy. Some people maybe having some energies in excess and also lacks in some other energies. VRCH reactivates your energy with powerful Astrological Vedic Mantra yoga. VRCH provides this service with some secret Vedic Remedies with scientific effects. This helps in reducing the negative energy quickly leading to the continuous growth.
Vaastu (Corporate Offices and Home)
We all want to live in a highly designed home. But directions for any room in a house has to be decided as per Vaastu Shastra in order to lead a peaceful life. VRCH gives advice and guidance to many Entrepreneurs for their offices and for Residential home. VRCH provides Modern Vedic Remedies for Vaastu e.g. North side leads to the growth while the south direction is not appropriate for residential or Offices.
Cultural Programs
VRCH organises Mega events like Musical, Dance, Lectures and demonstration (DVD shows, Talk shows on Indian cultural heritage and values) in temples and companies.
Corporate Growth Planning Consultant
In today´s highly competitive world, your business gets easily affected due to change in Economic policy, Government policy, Business management etc…. VRCH helps you out in reducing your business problems (A to Z) especially debt and financial problems. Remedies which we will provide you, will not be publicised.