About us
Pandit Gowri Shankarji, started his academic pursuit at the age of nine, and is among the most talented and prolific spiritual leaders in India. After intense study of the scriptures and Sanskrit language, his abiding interest in spirituality propelled him to attain degree in Vedic Science and Bharatha Shastra from Madras University.
With an in depth knowledge of scriptures and decades of spiritual legacy behind him, Panditji has been tirelessly propagating knowledge on Vedas, Indian culture.
He has established a unique multidimensional Vedic Research & Cultural Heritage (VRCH) Center in Mumbai to promote the significance of holistic ‘Vedic’ solutions and adapt them to modern lifestyle.
Conferred with the title “Bharata Kala Shastra Prachara Mani” in 1998 at Nepal for world Hindu Conference in front of King Birendra & Aishwarya. he is associated with 23 reputed institutions where he imparts knowledge on array of topics like Natyashastra, Vedas, Indian Culture, Pooja Vidhi etc through lectures, talk shows and demonstrations.
Panditji has traveled across the globe giving discourses and conducting workshops. He has given lectures to cosmopolitan audience with in the USA, Canada, the UK, Singapore, Malaysia, South Africa, Mauritius, Kazakhstan, other countries . Fluent in Vedic Language (Granth), Tamil, Sanskrit, Hindi and English, Panditji has a easy style of teaching supported by structured power point presentations.
…Success through Spiritual Excellence
  Noble purpose of seeking vishwa shanti and blessings and grace from almighty for the entire world through spiritual means.
  Spreading spiritual consciousness and principles of universal peace , welfare and harmony.
  To be identified as a powerful social vehicle that promotes socially beneficial projects and spread spiritual consciousness all around through vedic study , rich Indian culture art, music etc.
  To promote and implement socially beneficial projects for the welfare and advancement of society.
  To positively contribute to protect and preserve our rich heritage for posterity.
  To bring forth the age old values with new vigor and promote them among the youngsters and earnest seekers.
  To conduct yagnas for universal peace in different locations all over the world.
  To promote study of Sanskrit and make it easily accessible to all the aspirants by conducting classes in their vicinity.
  To conduct ongoing research on music vedic scriptures, sculptures and India traditional Art.
  To educate the general public about the richness of vedic heritage , tradition and spirituality.