Social Projects
All the benefits of noble actions have to ultimately reach the society in good measure .V.R.C.H. puts forth its best in achieving this objective and all activities are planned keeping in view the society as its main beneficiary.
Education and medical facilities to the poor and needy are some of the main themes around which .V.R.C.H. social projects are conceived and executed.
V.R.C.H. has its own programs well drawn out for them , a few of which are as follows:
Educational Projects
  Providing free education, free distribution of text books and institution of Scholarships for deserving students.
  Support research activities relating to Indian culture, heritage and traditional values.
  Extensive research on Vaastu Science.
  Rejuvenate dying art forums by specific sponsorship programs.
Medical Projects
  Medical facilities to the poor and the needy with unique tie-up arrangements with established hospitals.
  Conducting blood donation drives regularly.
  Specific targeted programs for reaching medical facilities to the poor who cannot afford.
Poor Feeding Projects by V.R.C.H.
  Regular feeding programs – Anna Dhaaanam for the poor.
  Vastra Dhaanam.
Other Special Projects
  Conducting rare yagnas , pooja etc as prescribed in the scriptures for universal peace, welfare and prosperity.
  Renovation and maintenance of neglected temples and places of worship.
  Conducting special theme tours with culture focus around India/abroad.
  Organizing cultural programs for disseminating rich cultural messages.
Indian Fine Arts and Culture
This is another resource base which India can boast of. The richness of bharata kala and the divine Indian classical music is appreciated in every corner of the world. V.R.C.H. is conducting several programs revolving around these themes which are received with overwhelming response. V.R.C.H. is providing training to many students in Art and Music. Research on subjects like V.R.C.H.
With wide patronage from philanthropists V.R.C.H. is all set to great heights as beacon light of Indian culture in the modern context.